About Me

It’s me CrochetQueen, it’s true I did start out in Elko, NV only New age shop, Enchanted Paper where I was given a business opportunity with cheap rent with big hopes and dreams to open a yarn shop. Five months later I moved 2 doors down into a 350 foot square shop of my own and sadly Enchanted Paper decided to close.  I then added a few New Age things and soon out grew my little space.  Believe it or not I was again blessed with an opportunity to move into a place I had admired since we moved here, The Map House aka the oldest house in town built in 1897 and I have been here and will remain in it until they throw me out. ***Update they did not throw me up but unknown to any of us, it had mold and yes it made me very ill but I am so blessed that I did heal up and do not have an residual effects left from it.   I am currently a certified Reiki Master, Angel Therapist, Chakra Balancing.  working on and almost there Aromatherapist, Reflexology and last but not least Holistic counselor.  Yes I know that is alot but I want the knowledge so that when you do get a session with me you will be getting a combination or as I like to call it a big whammy of energy healing from every source I can give you.  I certainly still do crochet and highly believe it is a very magical process as well as knitting, beading, machine knitting , jewelry making and other crafty endeavors.  I believe in telling the truth especially about the current healing industry.  My goal is to soon have everyone walking around here shooting out all the positive energy imaginable.  Where did the name Spotted Tailgate Designs come from, it is to honor my late Dad who I am sure is very very proud of me. Why a Mermaid for a logo ?  That is to honor my very beautiful Grand Daughter who is like me in every single way and hopefully one day she will soon take over.  How to contact me , well I like to avoid spammers so send me an email crochetqueen1 at yahoo dot com , send me mail at Spotted Tailgate Designs, 401 Railroad, Ste 203 (2nd floor of the Henderson Bank Building), Elko, NV  89801